Everyone loves Punjabi food which is enriched with butter, a variety of dal, tandoori dishes, and so on. For both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people, Punjabi food is something they cannot deny. At the same time, the delicious taste and traditional cooking style make it tastier and mouthwatering. Especially, people who live abroad and love Punjabi food, they found it hard to survive without it. Baba Dhaba’s menu has come up with great recipes of Punjabi foods and drinks to satisfy your hunger and expectation of different flavors in Brampton. Let’s see how Punjabi food can really impress you.

The history of Punjabi food
The Punjabi cuisines have their own traditional way of cooking especially tandoor. The process of cooking in a tandoor is also very famous in various parts of the world. But the typical traditional way of cooking food in a tandoor is exactly carrying out from generations. The addition of smoky flavor t the dishes makes it more delicious and the aroma melts in the air. But still, no one can make the exact tandoor dishes as the Punjabi does. The local style food and dishes are famous not only in India but also in many countries.
Reasons to love Punjabi food
If we see, Punjab is a small state in India and here Punjabis live their own life with happiness. People here know how to enjoy life and live the most of it. This is the reason why they make really delicious food that makes them happier. It has seen that when you cook with a great mod the dish tastes the best.

• The Punjabi foods are spicy with great balance of sweet and salt.
• Starting from their traditional dishes like; tandoori roti, naan, palak paneer, lassi; all are in together is a complete meal.
• Punjabi food is actually affordable.
• The unique cooking style and taste of different kebabs can be seen in Punjabi food.
• The best part is, no dishes are away from butter and ghee. According to Punjabi, it adds a lavish aroma and taste at the same time.
Baba Dhaba has the specialty of Punjabi food and the best Punjabi Dhaba in Brampton where you will get the perfect flavored Punjabi dishes like; tandoori naan, dal tadka, kebabs, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, the famous lassi, and a lot more. Explore the taste of typical Indian food only at Baba Dhaba.

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